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Happy Birthday Miss Universe Catriona Gray!
‪Miss Universe Catriona Gray LIVE with Kelly and Ryan! FULL INTERVIEW
via @YouTube #missuniverse @catrionaelisa thanks @LiveKellyRyan @MissUniverse ‬

‪Newly-crowned Miss Universe Catriona Gray talks to 'GMA' via @YouTube‬

‪Samoan girl from Nevada will be competing in Miss USA 2019 pageant | American Samoa | Samoa News Read here


Congrats Catriona Grey
#MissUniverse 2018
Congratulations #Philippines
‪Biggest moments you missed at Miss Universe 2018: Who won, near falls and forgotten words via @shreveporttimes

Congratulations @catrionaelisa Catriona Gray #Philippines ‬ ‪MISS UNIVERSE 2018 CATRIONA GRAY FULL CORONATION NIGHT PERFORMANCE! via @YouTube‬ here

‪Miss Universe 2018 - Press Conference ‬
‪With Catriona Gray ‬

‪Here via @YouTube #Philippines #missuniverse

Miss Universe preliminary competition Live fromThailand 4 am my time! Guess.Ill catch up later! Finals on Fox tv Sunday night December16 7/6 Central! That I can do... here are December 13 details For the rest of you! @MissUniverse
Find more information here or go to missuniverse.com or Miss Universe Facebook page

Click here to get to know some women who will vie for the crown!

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa
Miss Universe 2017

Some of my favorite
Miss Universe Memories

MUO Sister

RIP Chelsi Smith
Miss Universe 1995

Yes, she was my dear friend! Always supportive of everything I did...The tributes just keep coming.... Chelsi Smith, Houston-area native who won Miss Universe, dies https://abc13.com/4187700/ via @ABC13Houston as they should! I’m still in shock. Cancer takes so many too young... We will miss you
Chelsi Smith

  • Miss Universe 1995
  • Miss USA 1995
  • Miss Texas USA 1995
More here More here

My friend Chelsi Smith passed away a a few weeks ago. Recently I understand they held a memorial service. I could not attend, but it had taken me until now to come close to finding the right words...

In memory of my friend, Chelsi Smith:
Miss Texas USA
Miss USA
Miss Universe 1995

I will always miss my dear friend Chelsi Smith. She was someone I never thought I’d have the opportunity to meet, although I admired her since watching her crownings on television in 1995.
But once we met we found we had more in common than our mutual love of pageants.
We also enjoyed the Sugarbaker sisters of the sitcom “Designing Women,” in fact Chelsi often privately referred to me as “John (Sugar-baker)!”

Also, Chelsi knew of my love of figure skating, and really took an interest, sending me photos, videos and old movie clips she found, and asked questions ( good questions) so she could learn more about the things she would send!

Chelsi, like her 1995, MUO sisters, Keylee and Shanna, had a wonderful way of taking a genuine interest in others, and helped to make dreams come true for those they met. She exemplified what it truly means to be Miss USA and/or Miss Universe in the best possible way.

Knowing Chelsi was a gift I was never able to payback, but I’ll do my best to pay forward, as she would want! I love you, Chelsi! *****

‪Miss America loses swimsuits and ratings
via @nypost #MissAmerica ratings down 19 percent

Nia Franklin
Miss America 2019

So Sorry for Cara Mund! #standwithCara #Hanginthere #MissAmerica Speaking out on current leadership and Gretchen Carlson READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE


Sign here via @Change

Miss America is scrapping its swimsuit competition, will no longer judge based on physical appearance - ABC News - https://gma.abc/2xJ325M via @ABC #missamerica So whats to watch? Bye Miss America! Ill love all my former titleholders friends... but.... Ill remember you fondly... kind of ironic its on the same network as the bachelor/bachelorette? Whats wrong with evening gown! Dont get it!

My Miss America Memories....
Some of them anyway!

...with Susan Powell, Miss America 1981 (Oklahoma)



Congratulations to Our New MUO Titleholders
Sarah Rose Summers Nebraska ‘s first ever Miss USA (2018)
And Hailey Colborn, Miss Teen USA 2018, from Kansas!

Sarah Rose Summers of Nebraska
Miss USA 2018

‪Why newly crowned Miss USA wants the swimsuit competition to stay Read here via @nypost #MissUSA #swimsuit #missuniverse #pageants‬

An important message about beauty and online bullying from Miss USA 2018 Sarah Rose Summers
#MissUSA #confidentlybeautiful #stopbullying #EveryoneIsBeautiful

Hailey Colborn of Kansas
Miss Teen USA 2081

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa
Miss Universe 2017

Congrats Miss Universe 2017, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters Of South Africa

‪Are You The Next Miss USA?

via @YouTube if there was ever a great time to enter #MissUSA #MissTeenUSA #MissUniverse this is it! Watch video to see why! @MissUSA @MissUniverse #empowerment #Respect #inspire‬

‪Jeopardy! 2018 - Jeopardy! 24 January 2018 via @YouTube‬
‪Yesterday’s Miss Nomers category ! Fast forward it’s about #pageant #MissUniverse #missamerica etc!‬

‪And my teachers said I was wasting my time...‬


#MissUniverse #MissUSA #MissTeenUSA have been owned by IMG/WME since 2015!
Thank you!,,,


‪#MissUniverseSpain 2018 - SPAIN - Makes history See Video via @YouTube #MissUniverse #MissUniverso‬

#MissUSA rule change
Via Will Henderson aka thepageantguy.com
I’m fine with it....

Residency requirements for #MissUSA state contestants have changed. Instead of establishing 6 months of residency, contestants need only 3 months. If you weren’t a fan of state hopping before, you certainly won’t be now ✈️��

Deshauna Barber
Miss USA 2016

‪Former Miss America Winner Deidre Downs Gunn Marries Girlfriend in Romantic Southern Wedding


MUO titleholders
At 2018 Competition

Now that #MissUSA is crowned #MissAmerica 2019 set to air September 9 ! Yes there is a difference!
details via @PageantExperts

Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela)
Miss Universe 2008

...with Tami Farrell, Miss Teen-USA '03
@ Miss USA 2004 finals

...With Miss USA 2003, Susie Castillo.

With Miss Universe 1980, Shawn Weatherly

Miss USA 2017, Miss Universe 2016
And Miss Teen USA 2017

‪My #MissTeenUSA photos @MissTeenUSA now up!‬

‪Hope all is well! Here is a link to some photos from our latest trip‬

Click here to see!

So I had the privilege of seeing #MissTeenUSA off from The hotel in Phoenix, with #MissUSA & #MissUniverse I guess this is what happened next... watch this now

#MissUSA a beautiful, honest interview from Deshauna Barber Miss USA 2016
Read here!


Crisley is new Florida USA and Teen liscense holder

‪@WonderWomanFilm @RealLyndaCarter @GalGadot @MissUniverse @MissWorldLtd #Israel Wonder Woman Star Gal Gadot Dazzled as Miss Israel via @enews‬
‪more here!

Current #WonderWoman represented Israel at #MissUniverse ... TV Wonder Woman Lynda Carter represented US at #MissWorld... Coincidence?
Gal Gadot and more pageant winners turned actors:
Read about Halle Berry and more...

********** What a weekend it was! Deshauna. I love you! Your represented yourself and the Country so beautifully and I know there is so much more for you ahead as #MissUSA and beyond! Iris, we have not met yet but I wish you the best as #MissUniverse and hope we meet someday soon! To Paula Shugart Rachel Frimer Esther Swan Shawn McClain and everyone and MUO! Well done!John Baker. And family


Congratulations to our new Miss Universe from France! You are Confidently Beautiful

@LiveKelly @MissUniverse #DVRUpdate #MissUniverse According to my More about Iris and the whole competition event from CNN here!

And here is even more!

*********** Our new #MissUniverse was wonderful on #LiveWithKelly this morning! Just lovely! Best wishes to her!

Here is the link to the clip

Here is Iris on Good Morning America too!




with Jordyn Kogler
Photo courtesy Crowned One Prod.

So proud of Jordyn Kogler​ the first recipient of the "John Baker Spirit of Pageantry Award" She is now Miss Teen West Coast American Beauty​..and will compete for the National Title in Florida in June! Like her Facebook pageant fan page today! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Miss-Teen-West-Coast-American-Beauty/886361848094212?fref=ts '

March 30, 2015:
Wow! What a night THANK YOU SO MUCH Stevi McShane​ Liz Fogg​ and everyone at Crowned One Productions Inc. (Pageants)​ for your friendship, kindness, an amazing seat and most especially for the new award named in my honor
 "The John Baker Spirit Award" in pageantry presented to Jordyn Kogler , Miss Teen California American Beauty 2014! It is overwhelming for me... and Jordyn is an extremely deserving first recipient! Congrats to all the wonderful winners last night! Best of luck at Nationals...especially to my dear friend Alexa Jones​ , our new Miss California U.S. International​ 2015! So happy for you! Wonderful to see Maureen Atwell​   and Samantha Hart​ too... Hope to see everyone again SOON! XOXO, John


Great Advice via Alyssa Campanella, Miss USA 2011

#RealityCheck In fact, I believe all people are "REAL PEOPLE!" There has to be better terminology! Anyone?

#RIPJoanRivers #JoanRivers #MissUSA quote from 2010:
 "I just hosted the Miss USA Pageant and, let me tell you, beautiful gets you everywhere. The New York Times had an article maybe six months ago: Babies respond to pretty faces. So stop telling everyone it’s OK not to be pretty! If you can fix it, fix it!" she told Entertainment Weekly in 2010. "If it makes you happier. I love to look in the mirror and say, 'For 77, you look good.' That’s all. I don’t care what anyone says. Not bad for 77." I attended that pageant, didn't meet her wish I had... Refreshing... IMHO, the world can be too politically correct. Life is more beautiful with a sense of humor and what adults choose to do with their bodies, is their business... Here's to Joan... You'll be missed! :)

"Those who  bring together, never come apart!"
-Me (John H. Baker)

(Because the ability to laugh at ourselves is beautiful!:)


JHBonline.net shared Murphy Brown' s photo


I love it when my worlds collide! In the pilot for "Murphy Brown" Corky Sherwood (Faith Ford) explains to Jim Dial (Charles Kimbrough) why she was elevated from 1st Runner-up to " #MissAmerica"

For more visit http://jhbonline.net/tv/id2.html

"It's always very sad when Miss. America falls from grace. I mean when she said that she loved animals, no one took her literally."


Murphy Brown

"It's always very sad when Miss. America falls from grace. I mean when she said that she loved animals, no one took her literally."

 Visit http://pageants.jhbonline.net

#PageantGuyProbs #Pageants #Truth Always loved Suzanne Sugarbaker of Designing Women. But have I become her?


#Pageants #figureskating love this ! #missusa


Check out See Alyssa Campanella and Torrance Coombs's Regal Wedding Photos https://www.theknot.com/content/alyssa-campanella-torrance-coombs-wedding-photos via @theknot

Working on my new 2015 #MissUniverse webpage ! Still a work in progress, but so far http://www.jhbonline.net/pageants/id54.html Thank you Paula Shugart Rachel Frimer​ Esther Swan​ Shawn McClain​ Olivia Giudice​ Nia Sanchez​ Linda Rondinella-Osgood​ Larry Parra​ ​ Kristen Bradford​ Pam Wilson​ and everyone I couldn't tag...  Love you  all!  <3 John


Well home again.... And I would just like to say I make mistakes, we all do, I'm just thankful  mine have not been  made in front of one billion people (so far) my heart goes out to Colombia, Phililpines, and , yes, Steve Harvey!
But even as I was almost trampled and could've been injured coming out of the theatre by understandably upset fans at the theatre (Thank you to my family and PH security for their assistance )
I understand that those who were injured and killed by the auto incident outside the Planet Hollywood were the truly tragic victims of that evening on the Las Vegas Strip during this Holiday Season... I truly extend my deepest wishes to them!
To Pia Wurzbach, Congratulations! Philippines you've waited a long time! To Miss Colombia! I can't imagine what you've gone through.... But you will be the most famous runner up in Miss Universe history. I hope to come to wear that with the pride you've earned. To Miss USA Olivia Jordan and the other competitors Congrats on a job well done!
To my friends at Miss Universe thank you for  all your support and otherwise wonderful week.
Happy Holidays,

FOX picks up Miss Universe pageant | http://fxn.ws/1RBVMrg

#MissUniverse #Fox #PHVegas Dec 20 FOX @FoxTV #MissUniverso

#MissUniverse tickets available

But if you can't make it watch Dec. 20 on FOX! 7pm /et & pt from VEGAS!

Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella & "Reign" CW Star Torrance Coombs in Saks Canada campaign

So  proud of my dear friend
Caroline Frolic Absalom, Mrs. Hawaii
2nd RU at Mrs. America
Congrats also to 1st RU from Texas and  the new
titleholder from Alabama!


Congratulations to the newly crowned Miss USA 2015, Olivia Jordan from Oklahoma.

Posted by Miss USA on Sunday, July 12, 2015


MUO photo

Congrats Miss USA 2015, OLIVIA JORDAN, The 1st from Oklahoma! (Here in photo with your webmaster (John Baker); Miss FL-USA 2016, Brie Gabrielle and Miss PA-USA 2015, Elizabeth Cardillo at the 63rd Miss Universe in Doral, FL,USA

Just found this Paula Shugart FB page! Where have I been? Sick, in hospital! Better now! Thank Goodness and ALL of you! :)

Thank you @ReelzChannel thank you! #SaveTheSash #MissUSA http://www.reelz.com/movie-news/17299/reelz-acquires-rights-to-exclusively-telecast-the-2015-miss-usa-pageant/
@dish ch. 299 :) John, jhbonline.net/pageants

The world's most beautiful women prove that they're perfectly imperfect http://ow.ly/Os7qc


Tickets for the 2015 MISS USA Pageant go on sale  http://ow.ly/O2Uhw

#MissUSA Nia Sanchez​ Exit interview? Fast year! Love you Nia Sanchez​! :)

The 2015 MISS USAŽ Pageant Brings The Heat Back To Baton Rouge http://finance.yahoo.com/news/2015-miss-usa-pageant-brings-173300084.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory&soc_trk=tw via @YahooFinance
Sunday, July 12 on NBC!

Looking for #ADA Compliant Wheelchair accessible transport to/from BATON ROUGE AIRPORT If you have info click here http://www.jhbonline.net/specialfriends/id12.html


Miss CA-USA crownings thru the years

Miss Universe titleholders Paulina Vega (2014)Dayana Mendoza (2008) and Olivia Culpo (2012) in Indonesian commercial:

New blog by my dear friend Alyssa Campanella, #MissUSA 2011! Check it  out: http://www.the-a-list-blog.com/

Pageant knowledge can be valuable... Despite what many of my grade school teachers said!




Just got a lovely surprise from #MissUSA Nia Sanchez ! A photo of us from Miss Nevada USA 2013... the year BEFORE she competed for & won the title... didn't know it existed! I was judging the TEEN event! Can't wait to cheer her on at #MissUniverse! Love you, Nia! <3

Miss USA 2014
Nia Sanchez (Nevada)

Just started " Being #MissAmerica" by Kate Shindle. Looks interesting. Straightforward. Love her... http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MEYOMQ8/ref=pe_385040_118058080_TE_M1T1DP

Weather you like PAGEANTS or not... WATCH THIS & You'll understand: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4W9xHkta9g&feature=player_embedded
Great job, MUO!

What is a pageant girl? Guest blogger @jhbonline explains... http://t.co/c8MBkvTrIB

— Pageantology(@Pageantology101) September 3, 2014

#Pageants folks Learn here about "Miss Inner Beauty" from Alicia Monique Blanco (2nd RU Miss USA '09 from AZ!) I post this NOT because she was kind enough to mention me... but because I truly support what she is trying to do! http://www.aliciamblanco.com/#!8-Traits-of-an-Inner-Beauty-Queen/cmbz/291183E5-CC8C-4705-9D92-54862F84546C

Kristin Chenoweth at Miss OK '91 http://youtu.be/1GYSVO2WFjk #TBT #Pageants #BROADWAY Emmy Awards Winner Tony Awards Winner #MissAmerica

Here she competes again: http://youtu.be/GAdsZ2R6tGg

 Good job    Donald Trump ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:  

#MissUSA Love Nia Sanchez! So proud of her... Check this out: Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez's Homecoming in Nevada: http://youtu.be/Pib8swUBT_0 via @YouTube

K. Lee Graham (SC)
Miss Teen USA 2014

#missteenusa On a big teen #pageant night, the south rises
#MissTeenUSA is SC! (MISS UNIVERSE org.)  & FYI Georgia won #MAOTeen (Miss America  org.) Congrats all! :)!

#MissTeenUSA 2014 #MUO recap video:


Its a Nia Sanchez kind of day #MissUSA

*WATCH* My first photo shoot as Miss USA 2014. It was AMAZING! http://ow.ly/zviTo
Just making sure you saw this: Thought you'd like this: http://www.pageantrymagazine.com/PodCasts/2014/c14/PagPodCast-MissUSA-Nia.html

Miss USA 2014: Winner Nia Sanchez Totally Deserves The Crown http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/06/09/nia-sanchez-crowned-miss-usa-2014-winner-miss-nevada/ via @HollywoodLife #MissUSA
Must admit I never knew Dawn Wells (Maryann on "Gilligan's Island") was Miss Nevada 1959...learn something new everyday! http://lasvegassun.com/news/2014/jun/10/nevada-finally-got-pageant-winner-heres-10-who-fai/

#MissUSA #Pageants brings $2.6 million to Baton Rouge area hotels http://s.nola.com/MoflbON via @nolanews #MissUSA @MissUSA
TV Ratings rise 21%
Nia Sanchez Miss Nevada USA wins: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/miss-nevada-usa-nia-sanchez-wins-the-miss-usa-2014-title-during-live-nbc-telecast-from-baton-rouge-louisiana-262332671.html

FYI, the so-called #MissUSA residency controversy, the requirements for US Senate require even less: http://uspolitics.about.com/b/2008/11/03/about-residency-requirements-for-congress.htm It saddens me that US media (& many in society) are focused on "scandal," "gossip'' and so-called "controversy" rather than achievement... Soon, good people will not want to achieve anymore as they will only get "hated" for it! #HaterFreeZone

Great #Pageant Blog by My Buddy Will Henderson ... With a little help from yours truly! :) thePageantGuy.com | The Curious Case of Miss USA 2014 – Nia Sanchez’s Residency http://www.thepageantguy.com/the-curious-case-of-miss-usa-2014-nia-sanchezs-residency/


Thanks for posting this Nia Sanchez Esther Swan Linda Rondinella-Osgood .... Nice to see so many of my Miss USA friends -- even if it is just on video! Hope to see Paula Shugart Rachel Frimer Roston Ogata Shawn McClain Tricia Nash Langa Olivia Giudice and the gang soon! Nia Sanchez's First 48 Hours as Miss USA 2014: http://youtu.be/a1y0BinVbOM via You Tube

#MissUSA is currently the #1 topic on FB! Missing Paula Shugart Esther Swan Rachel Frimer Shawn McClain   Roston Ogata Tricia Nash Langa Olivia Giudice and the whole #MUO team! Erin Brady you did an incredible job as Miss USA -- a tough act to follow! Good luck 2014 contestants! :) This is YOUR NIGHT! Can't believe I'm not there! Thanks to everyone I've met during the past 10 years or so... I never would 've dreamed of the memories we have made, like these: https://www.facebook.com/jhbonline/media_set?set=a.10152544247957783.739877782&type=3
I love & miss you all ! Here's to more memories in the future! See you Tonight at 8 pm/7ct on NBC, that is <P>

#MissAmerica 2015 It's a #threepeat for NY! Congrats Kira Kazantsev! Have a great year! :) http://www.missamerica.org/news/press-releases.aspx?id=799

Jordan Blais Krinke

Congrats Jordan Blais Krinke on your top 10 placement at Miss California 2014 tonight.... So Honored to be part of your incredible journey and thank you Lynda Blais Krinke and Gary Krinke for the gift of Jojo in my life... #TeamJordan for ever PS You'll always be my MISS CA & MISS AMERICA! — with Jordan Blais Krinke. You were & are amazing but I can't believe your growth since I first "mock interviewed" you at Miss Placentia Scholarship Pageant 2009 ! I am forever grateful to Jordan Blais Krinke Lynda Blais Krinke and Gary Krinke for that experience as well as Kathi Baldwin. Can't wait to see where "#TeamJordan " takes us from here! I know it will be awesome ! <3 John 

NEW! Photos from Miss California USA Photos courtesy Tami Farrell & Alyssa Campanella! Thanks! XO, John

Miss USA 2011
Alyssa Campanella

from thePageantGuy.com  
Need pageant advice or just wanna talk pageants?
Then "Ask Alyssa" @AlyssaCampanella that is: http://www.thepageantguy.com/askalyssa  pic.twitter.com/m4YhtmeQf1

Miss Teen USA 2012 contestants enjoy Miss USA 2012 by thepageantguy.com

Visit Our New Miss Universe Titleholders Page Here!



New Crowned One Prod. Pageants 2013 page!


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A photo from my trip to Missouri in 2009
(C)2009 by jhbonline.net by Kevin P. Baker

Crystle Stewart
Miss USA 2008

Tami Farrell @ Miss California-USA 2009
(C) 2009 jhbonline.net



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